Not into ‘church,’ but feel you want some SOUL FOOD without the ‘religious dogma?’

Are you “Spiritual, but not Religious?”

Tune in…   9:00 am PST


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The show is offered free to all and is available because of the generous offerings of attendees.

About Us

Sunday morning- traditionally the time to tune into a spiritual reality, can now happen in the comfort of your own home.

Grab your coffee, stay in your jammies and cuddle up for some SOUL SOUP…

Yes, something yummy for your soul and some utterly heart warming transformation!

That’s right!

Transformation each week. 

A dash of spiritual teaching, a cup of encouragement and inspiration and a dose of meditation to warm your heart and enliven your life.

Feel lighter, higher and freer and ready to live your life more joyfully.

So sit down, create your quiet “me space,” and allow yourself to breathe and focus and we’ll take care of the rest- and you can get the soul-stirring refreshment your body, mind and spirit has been yearning for.

What people are saying after a little Soul Soup…

“I am fresh… I am refreshed… I am 30 lbs. lighter… I am clear and I am gently focused.  The Soup was delicious this morning… I will put some in the fridge for later… Thank you Janette!  Richard R.

“The meditative process was so transformational!  Janette is the master of processes!” T. J.

Oneness Center OC transitioned in January, 2018 to “Oneness Center Online” and provides an ONLINE Sunday Service at 9 AM PST for global individuals who want to tune in and be inspired, uplifted and transformed through meditation, internal processes and inspirational messages from Dr. Janette Freeman and guests.

Mission: Oneness Online provides spiritual support through online teachings, meditations, and transformation through personal coaching, workshops & retreats.  All the services are available in order to assist people in living happier, healthier, spiritually uplifting lifestyles. 

Vision:  Heaven on Earth.

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

—Neville Goddard


Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman

One day as a young mother of three, in an emotionally difficult marriage, feeling helpless, Janette walked into a positive living center bookstore where she was introduced to a philosophy that taught her that she could change her life by a consistent change of thought. Two months later she broke free and then began the journey as a single mother of three, determined to change all of their lives.

After her many years of study, practice and raising three children, she began to teach others what she had been learning: Empower your life by transforming your inner world.

For the past eighteen years, Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman has been inspiring, teaching and loving people through their journey of living from their highest selves in purpose, joy and passion!

She is the author of “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation,” and “The Second Envelope,” which chronicles her international solo travel and a path of personal discovery,” and, and co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole Whittaker in “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love –  In Spirit”.   She holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Doctorate of Consciousness Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute. She has founded two and served three spiritual communities as their spiritual leader.

Dr. Janette is also certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and coach and Certified Hypnotherapist and certified in Time Line Therapy.  She is a meditation teacher and a master of delivering personal processes to induce a shift at the subconscious level.

Rev. Janette is a dynamic, motivating, and inspiring speaker/teacher who infuses her talks with anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful universal messages. She’s filled with contagious energy, is entertaining and energetic, and speaks eloquently from the heart. Her message takes many different forms and ‘stories’, but is always centered around personal and/or spiritual growth, living your authentic life, experiencing greater success and happiness, moving through transitions, and shifting into a more conscious life.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

—George Bernard Shaw